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Increase profitability, save hours of time and ensure legal compliance with ifoodi. 

Recipe Cookbooks

As you create your recipe, the recipe a specification card is automatically created with chef notes, prep and cooking instructions, allergens, and calories data. Import a photo and you have a full spec card; all your spec cards then become your cookbook. Great for training your team, as well as new recruits and critical for your food safety visits.

Maintain your standards and consistency easily.


Customer QR

No more reliance on your front of house staff to know the menu allergens information – put the info in the customers hands directly. Using a QR code that can be printed on your menu or table literature customers can scan a QR code and access the allergens for each dish and filter by the required allergens. Be legally safe and give your customers confidence in your menu.

Let ifoodi support your business to improve time management, grow profit and keep you compliant


Your all-in-one solution for all the key tasks to deliver your legal compliance, supply your customer info and grow your profitability​

Price Plans

We understand profits are crucial. We have structured our price plans to ensure we give our customers an affordable solution that delivers your legal compliance and tools to payback your investment.

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3




One off cost

For loading of your supplier data, cost prices, allergens, calories and more. 

Be up and running instantly without hours of input and no input errors

  • The average menu uses up to 200 ingredients.
  • Each ingredient has a pack size, pack price, Supplier details, Supplier code.
  • For each ingredient you must detail 26 Allergens as Contains, May contain, Does not contain
  • For each ingredient you need the Kcals per 100g.
  • That’s nearly 17,000 data entries – WOW – who has time for that?
  • We take all your supplier data and load this for you so you can build your recipes as soon as you start, all we need is your supplier information in a digital format. 

Take hassle off the menu with ifoodi

All prices exclusive of VAT.