Managing Profits

ifoodi automatically calculates recipe and menu profitability 

ifoodi puts you in control of your business.

Providing clear analysis with actionable insights to control costs, profitability and make critical pricing decisions.

ifoodi provides you with:

Recipe Costings

Creates a central ingredient list detailing all products information, easily updated with any supplier changes.

Individual recipes costs and profits are automatically updated when any ingredient changes are made either in portions size, product change or cost price change.

Model menu changes

Model the profit impact of cost and selling price changes, menu content changes, V.A.T. changes. All changes automatically update the calculation of your potential menu gross profit in both £ and GP %

• You could significantly grow your profit with simple changes – or protect your profits from cost price and Vat changes.

VAT Modelling

Input the current rate of VAT (or model proposed changes) and all your recipe margin calculations update automatically.

Menu GP potential

By importing your till sales data ifoodi automatically calculates the menu gross profit potential in £ and GP %.

GP Tracker

Our customers LOVE the GP Tracker report.

What is it? Basically, it allows you to run a foodstock report – without running a foodstock, using only your sales and purchases.

If your business sells food - you need ifoodi

Regardless of whether you have Michelin Stars, run a cafe or restaurant, takeaway, hotel or B&B or offer a pub menu – you have legal requirements to communicate to your customers and the need to maximise your profit. That’s a lot of hassle – which is why ifoodi is your new best friend





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