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For loading of your supplier data, cost prices, allergens, calories and more. 

Be up and running instantly without hours of input and no input errors

  • The average menu uses up to 200 ingredients.
  • Each ingredient has a pack size, pack price, Supplier details, Supplier code.
  • For each ingredient you must detail 26 Allergens as Contains, May contain, Does not contain
  • For each ingredient you need the Kcals per 100g.
  • That’s nearly 17,000 data entries – WOW – who has time for that?
  • We take all your supplier data and load this for you so you can build your recipes as soon as you start, all we need is your supplier information in a digital format. 

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Regardless of whether you have Michelin Stars, run a cafe or restaurant, takeaway, hotel or B&B or offer a pub menu – you have legal requirements to communicate to your customers and the need to maximise your profit. That’s a lot of hassle – which is why ifoodi is your new best friend





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