Manage allergens with ifoodi

ifoodi will ensure your business is able to comply with allergen legislation. 

Allergens - are you legally compliant?

Failure to comply with allergen legislation would put your business at risk from prosecution, create negative P.R. and potentially a custodial sentence for the Company Owner/M.D.
  • As a food retailer you are legally responsible to provide a guide for your customers detailing which of the 14 allergens are present in the food and drink you sell at the point of order.
  • The law requires that all your team are trained in allergens so they can be confidently managed on site.
  • The law requires that your team can communicate correctly and confidently the allergen information.

Getting it right can be a huge opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism to your customers and build sales. 

All menu information provided must be up to date, accurate, reliable and easy to access.

ifoodi makes all this possible: 

  • ifoodi collates supplier allergen information for every ingredient.
  • ifoodi creates a detailed allergen breakdown for each recipe which automatically updates when any ingredient details are amended or changed.
  • ifoodi has options to display this information via a list or QR code which can be displayed on your menu and website. the choice is yours!
  • ifoodi provides great customer communications.
  • ifoodi helps you quickly and easily deliver your legal requirements – no hassle.

Start managing allergens and calories with ifoodi

If your business sells food - you need ifoodi

Regardless of whether you have Michelin Stars, run a cafe or restaurant, takeaway, hotel or B&B or offer a pub menu – you have legal requirements to communicate to your customers and the need to maximise your profit. That’s a lot of hassle – which is why ifoodi is your new best friend





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