Stocktake and ingredient consumption variances

Tools to complete your food stocktaking and identify ingredient variancies.

Improve your profitability with ifoodi.

  • All ingredients are automatically entered onto your count sheet with the correct ingredient cost prices.
  • Stock count sheets are created and sorted by storage temperature, supplier and name – thereby making stock counts significantly easier to complete.
  • Closing stock is automatically carried over to your opening stock. Simply enter the value of stock deliveries £.
  • With an import of your Epos sales data, recipe sales and cash sales are automatically uploaded, and a Target GP calculated.
  • Automatic calculations evaluate the actual GP% achieved, both £ and % variance to the target GP%.
  • Use your stocktaking sheets as order sheets and/or Par level sheets and wastage records.

Consumption Variances

  • Stock variances can be drilled down to ingredient level to assess individual ingredient losses and surpluses.
  • The data is captured from your Stock count and Epos data import and input of Ingredient delivery information in £ values
  • Ingredient variance data will highlight Over/Under portioning, wastage and “stock shrinkage”.
  • Understanding where your losses are is the first step towards reducing them and protecting your profits.

ifoodi – Manage and grow your food profitability