Create Recipes

ifoodi – create recipe costings, allergens, and calorie information in seconds.

Manage and grow your business through ifoodi's recipe costing feature.

Accurately assess your recipe costings with ifoodi. 


  • Recipes are created from costs and ingredient allergen data from your suppliers.
  • Recipes are costed, calories calculated and allergens detailed as you type
  • Recipes can be copied and batch portions created to speed up input
  • Recipes can be allocated by category for further sales analysis
  • Recipes can be grouped to create menus – e.g. Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s Day

Create specials or key day dishes quickly while ensuring that cost, allergen and calorie data are calculated and detailed, protecting your reputation and margin.

Pricing calculators assist in setting the selling price decisions. 

ifoodi - Delivery consistency and professionalism and allergens and calories legal compliance - easily

If your business sells food - you need ifoodi

Regardless of whether you have Michelin Stars, run a cafe or restaurant, takeaway, hotel or B&B or offer a pub menu – you have legal requirements to communicate to your customers and the need to maximise your profit. That’s a lot of hassle – which is why ifoodi is your new best friend





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