Ensure your business complies with new government legislation thanks to the ifoodi all-in-one system.

Are you ready for the new legislation?

New Government legislation from April 2022 states that calorific values must be available for customers at the point of order for larger food retailers. However, even if you are not a large food retailer ifoodi gives you the competitive edge by providing customers this information for your menu, with minimal effort (and cost).

To help you achieve this:

  • ifoodi uses your supplier data and government food databases to automatically calculate calories by individual ingredient, by portion size to generate the total recipe calorific value.
  • Any ingredient or supplier change will automatically update all menu recipe details.
  • Calorific values are calculated to display on your menu and any ingredient changes automatically update recipes, ensuring your information is always 100% accurate. Wave goodbye to paper
  • Put the information in your customers hands and free up your front of house team. 
  • ifoodi helps you quickly and easily deliver your legal requirements – no hassle.

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If your business sells food - you need ifoodi

Regardless of whether you have Michelin Stars, run a cafe or restaurant, takeaway, hotel or B&B or offer a pub menu – you have legal requirements to communicate to your customers and the need to maximise your profit. That’s a lot of hassle – which is why ifoodi is your new best friend





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